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Integrated Metallurgical Services Ltd

Integrated Metallurgical Services Limited is a Canadian-owned and operated company based in Calgary Alberta, where we specialize in heat treating of metals.

The company was formed in 1972 and has been a reliable and professional service staple to the oil and gas manufacturing sector for over 40 years. Service with integrity has been core to our business mantra from the start. Our professional approach, competitive pricing, and dedication to quality control set us apart from our competitors.

Our quality heat treating facilities are designed, built and operated by us and are among the “best in class” in the commercial heat treating service sector. Our size-staged furnace operations can cost-effectively accommodate capacities from the very small (one pound) to the very large (700,000 pounds). Our three-mode microprocessor control systems with integrated high-velocity, forced-draft burners and extractable, castable refractory car bottom furnace design provides unparalleled thermal control.

We know and are confident that if your heat treating processes require critical thermal control, we are your first choice. Integrated can provide post weld heat treatments to meet or exceed your specifications, or consult you on the best post weld heat treatment process for your metallurgy and application in accordance with the predominate governing bodies of ASME, API, ASTM & NACE.

We are pleased to invite you to tour our website and review our commercial heat treating operations and facilities.


Collin Pryde, P.Eng

Who We Serve

Industrial clients and Oil and Gas related manufacturers

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