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IMS Ltd’s 300,000lb Capacity Furnace in Calgary

12’ Wide x 12’ High x 44’ Long

1,750 °F Max Temperature

Totally Enclosed

Extractable Castable Refractory Car Bottom

4 - High Velocity Forced Draft Burners

30 MMBTU/hr Heat Input

300,000lbs Max capacity

Typical Processes

PWHT, Tempering, Annealing & Normalizing, Hydrogen Bake-Out

Codes & Standards

ASME Section VIII & ASME B31.3, API, CSA Z245 & Customized Client Specified

Typical Materials

Mild Carbon Steel, Chrome Molly, High Tensile T1

Typical Components

Pressure Piping, Pressure Vessels, API Tank section, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Custom Induction and/or Cold Bends, & Manufactured Drilling System Components 

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