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IMS Ltd’s Cryogenic Chamber in Calgary

Cryogenic freezing treatments can help boost the tensile strength, stability, and abrasion resistance of your tools, parts, equipment, and materials. Temperature charts are available for each stress relief.

To request cryogenic treatments, call Integrated Metallurgical Services Ltd in Calgary.

Cryogenic Chamber

  • 7' Long x 3' Wide x 3' High

  • 1 Circulating Fan

  • 2 Solenoid-Controlled Injectors

  • 10,000lbs Max. Capacity

Benefits of Cryogenics

  • Longer Life (by 200% or More on Average)

  • Monetary Savings

  • Save on Down-Time, Maintenance & Change-Over

  • Reduces Production Costs

  • One-Time Process

  • Increases Material Toughness

  • Resists Wear

  • Tools can be Resharpened or Redressed

  • Can be Applied to New or Used Items

  • Can Be Used Prior to Sharpening

Our Cryogenic System Benefits

When you have cryogenic treatments completed at Integrated Metallurgical Services Ltd, you can be assured they are carried out according to the proper specifications. Since our process involves computer-controlled cycles for each material, we can essentially eliminate human/manual errors. We continuously research new techniques in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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