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The Furnaces of IMS Ltd in Calgary

The facilities of Integrated Metallurgical Services Ltd in Calgary include tempering furnaces, cryogenic tempering furnaces, and chambers. We also have gas-fired ovens that are used for heating, treating vessels and in the pipe spooling process.

Temperature charts are available for all work involving heat treatments. Copies of these charts can be produced in multiple quantities.

Tempering Furnace Specifications

View specifications for each furnace or cryogenic chamber by clicking on a link below:

To schedule service with Integrated Metallurgical Services Ltd, please give us a call.

Note: On a common runway, our yard cranes have a capacity of 30 tons and 40 tons for a total combined capacity of 70 tons (140,000 pounds).

Cryogenic Research

We participate with the University Material Science Program in order to maintain cutting-edge technologies in cryogenic treatments. For research activities, multi thermocouple data acquisition and auxiliary ports for conductivity, resistivity, and optical pyrometry instrumentation have been added to our chambers. These ports allow us to better research and understand the science behind cryogenics. The data gathered is later published to enhance scientific understanding. The data we gather is also used in improving quality control, as well as expanding the possible materials that may benefit from the cryogenic process.

Cryogenic Tempering
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